Turn off bl.spamcop.net as your RBL

Note: The domain spamcop.net is working now. If you have received our email notice earlier, you can disregard it. Or you feel unsafe, you may proceed with the recommended steps. Otherwise, if you still want bl.spamcop.net as your RBL, reverse the steps.

Earlier {31 Jan 2021), Spamcop.net domain has expired, if you are using bl.spamcop.net as your anti-spam protection, incoming emails are rejected or bounced. To solve this, you have to remove bl.spamcop.net from your RBL list. 

To do this from Plesk, go to Tools & Settings >Server-Wide mail settings > Settings and remove bl.spamcop.net;
For cPanel, go to WHM > EXIM configuration Manager > RBL > turn off RBL: bl.spamcop,net