You cannot access your website/email hosted at Vastspace

Symptom: You cannot access the website/email hosted at Vastspace but you can access others.

Most likely: Your internet public IP address is blocked by our Firewall. Use a device, for example, a smartphone on a different network by turning on your data network and turning off WI-FI to verify. 
Why does our Firewall block your IP address?
Everyone on the same network sharing the same public internet IP address will be affected even though it is a different computer/ device. 
To improve internet security,  we have a network mechanism to detect unusual network behaviours. The technique is scanning for opened ports which is the most common problem. Hackers can launch such malicious activities on your computer or devices to find opened ports and attack a host that has software vulnerabilities or loopholes.
We detect this type of scanning activity and block their IP address for a period of time. However, if this is happening to you, there are a few things that you can help us to help you to mitigate;
  • Use a smartphone or similar device on a different network (make sure you have turned off the WIFI), for example, LTE or mobile data network to confirm your website is working.
  • If your website is working on a device on a different network, we can confirm your IP has been blocked for scanning activity. 
  • At this stage, visit this website to obtain your public IP address.
  • Report your problem and IP address to our support team at
  • When this happened, it might have been triggered by a trojan/malware infected device or computer. We suggest you full/deep scan them using the latest anti-virus definition to ensure this is not re-occurred.