About Premium DNS

There are 8 anycast name servers. DNSSEC  is supported.
  • It is easy to use Premium DNS, Premium DNS is not a free service but we provide the service together with hosting services {1 domain DNS per service} if mentioned or listed at our website and store. If you have ordered premium DNS. Please follow the steps.
  • To use premium DNS. Please sign in to your account at https://my.vastspace.net
  • After you have logged in successfully, click on my service under the drop-down menu at services.
  • Look for your ordered Premium DNS service and mouse click on Active.
  • on next screen, click Add new zone
  • After click Add new zone, enter your domain hosted by these name servers. Select master zone only. Make sure all the name servers start with P are checked before you confirm and click on create button.
  • now add your records. Please remember to update your nameservers listed in your zone with your domain registrar.