What should you do If you are unable to access your websites or IP address is blocked

Recently, one of the major hosting provider in Singapore was DDOS attacked 2 days in a row. As you are aware, DDOS threats can indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a website connected to the Internet and it has great impact to customers’ businesses and operation.
Vastspace is treating these unwelcome events very seriously and remains vigilant at all time. Thus, we have taken additional measure to step up the network security on our infrastructure.
An additional custom built N-IDS has been deployed and enabled to screen traffic entering your website since early yesterday. The Firewall updates itself with the latest threats info every 6 hourly is capable of real-time traffic analysis, can also be used to detect probes or attacks, including, but not limited to, operating system fingerprinting attempts and stealth port scans.
N-IDS improves and reduce false positives and false negative over time. During the initial stage, we are anticipating some users will experience difficulties with your website's accessibility due to your internet connect is blocked by our firewall.
What should you do if websites hosted at Vastspace is not accessible? Here are the steps to deal with the situation.
  1. Check your internet connection, if you are able to view sites like https://support.vastspace.net and https://my.vastspace.net.  If you are not able to view these 2 sites, it’s likely your IP address has been blocked by our Firewall.
  2. Try switching to another internet source to verify if you are able to access the website. For example your smartphone with 3G/4G data connectivity enabled.
What should I do if I’ve confirmed that my IP address is blocked by Vastspace’s Firewall?
Before you call or write an email to support@vastspace.net, you need to obtain your current IP address with your service provider by browsing to: http://www.whatismyip.com/
Make a screenshot or copy down Your IP address and proxy IP address if you have one. Tell us your IP address, proxy address and the domain name of your website in the email, we recommend you use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail as you might have difficulty to send us email since you are not able to connect to your mail server hosted with us.
Vastspace support team will investigate and make an evaluation if it’s safe to unblock the IP.
In some cases, it is unsafe to unblock the IP address due to one or more computers from the same network (IP address) are infected by a virus. A deep scan of your computers with the updated antivirus software is required.
Many reputable antivirus software offer 30 days trial, it should give you enough time to decide which antivirus software to buy to protect your computers.
If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please contact our support team.